Speech to Text Book Notes

I read a lot and want to remember (and synthesize) what I've read/incorporate it into my personal note taking system.

Per the Smart Notes and the Zettelkasten method, ideally I'd be able to read through a book quickly, taking brief reading notes, then go back and consolidate/synthesize these/distill into main themes/incorporate with other stuff.


I'm not satisfied with ability to do that currently. Things I've tried:

  • not taking any notes whatsoever, and later getting vague memory/recollection of what I've read long after I'd read it
  • reading Kindle awkwardly with laptop open to take notes or eschewing Kindle entirely to just read/take notes at my desk
  • highlighting with tools like readwise. OK, but ability to summarize/note things in own words is far more important than highlighting
  • using the recorder app on my phone; works OK but not organized by book, need to stitch separate notes together, can't append to existing note
  • other approaches: hardcover books, slips of paper

What I want:

While reading a book on my Kindle, a low friction way to take short, speech to text audio notes on my phone that are tied back to my book and location. It'd be great if it could automatically tell which page I was on, but in meantime I'm fine with a keypad to quickly enter location manually. When I'm done, I want to be able to export all these to plain text to deal with later. These are just reminders, so super high fidelity isn't critical.