Nathan Braun

I am a programmer, data scientist and author. My book,
Learn to Code with Fantasy Football
is out now. I also recently published a
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open ideas


Vim For Everyone
, a site extolling the virtues of Vim for non-coders (2021).
Vote Squared
, a quadratic polling app (2020-present).
Scramble Tracker
, track whose shots you used during a golf scramble (2020-present)

Fantasy & Sports Analytics Projects

Learn to Code with Baseball
, baseball version of
Intermediate Coding with Fantasy Football
, project-based follow up
Fantasy Math
, model for weekly fantasy start-sit advice (2017-present)
Learn to Code with Fantasy Football
, book on Python & data science (2019-present)
Fantasy Monday
, a free Monday only version of Fanasy Math (2017-present)
Draft Pick Trade Calculator
, calculator to evaluate draft pick trades (2015-2018)
Keeper Trade Calculator
, calculator to evaluate draft pick keeper trades (2015-2018)
Bayesian Fantasy Football
, Bayesian model for weekly fantasy advice (2013-2016)

Environmental Economics Projects

BP Oil Spill
, on which I worked quantifying economic impacts (2011-2015)

Book Notes

, notes on Principles by Ray Dalio
Deep Work
, notes on Deep Work by Cal Newport
Three Languages of Politics
, notes on the book by Arnold Kling

Parenting Notes

Teaching Little Kids About Randomness
, notes on a game my 4 year old and I liked
Quarantine Backyard Bird List
, every bird we saw during COVID, 3/20-3/21


Notes on Patri Friedman's
Advice Experience Hierchy
Notes on Ray Dalio's
Designer vs Worker Level You
A simple explanation of the
Monty Hall Problem